Löydetty 6 Tulokset: Shalmaneser

  • Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, advanced against him, and Hoshea became his vassal and paid him tribute. (2 Kings 17, 3)

  • In the fourth year of King Hezekiah, which was the seventh year of Hoshea, son of Elah, king of Israel, Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, attacked Samaria, laid siege to it, (2 Kings 18, 9)

  • who during the reign of Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, was taken captive from Thisbe, which is south of Kedesh Naphtali in upper Galilee, above and to the west of Asser, north of Phogor. (Tobit 1, 2)

  • the Most High granted me favor and status with Shalmaneser, so that I became purchasing agent for all his needs. (Tobit 1, 13)

  • But when Shalmaneser died and his son Sennacherib succeeded him as king, the roads to Media became unsafe, so I could no longer go there. (Tobit 1, 15)

  • During Shalmaneser's reign I performed many charitable works for my kinsmen and my people. (Tobit 1, 16)

“A maior alegria de um pai é que os filhos se amem, formem um só coração e uma só alma. Não fostes vós que me escolhestes, mas o pai celeste que, na minha primeira missa, me fez ver todos os filhos que me confiava”.(P.e Pio) São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina