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  • Even those things that are without a soul can make sounds, whether it is a wind or a stringed instrument. But unless they present a distinction within the sounds, how will it be known which is from the pipe and which is from the string? (1 Corinthians 14, 7)

  • Just as it was written that the first man, Adam, was made with a living soul, so shall the last Adam be made with a spirit brought back to life. (1 Corinthians 15, 45)

  • But I call God as a witness to my soul, that I was lenient with you, in that I did not return to Corinth: (2 Corinthians 1, 23)

  • And may the God of peace himself sanctify you through all things, so that your whole spirit and soul and body may be preserved without blame unto the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thessalonians 5, 23)

  • For the Word of God is living and effective: more piercing than any two-edged sword, reaching to the division even between the soul and the spirit, even between the joints and the marrow, and so it discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart. (Hebrews 4, 12)

  • This we have as an anchor of the soul, safe and sound, which advances even to the interior of the veil, (Hebrews 6, 19)

  • For my just man lives by faith. But if he were to draw himself back, he would not please my soul.” (Hebrews 10, 38)

  • So then, we are not sons who are drawn away to perdition, but we are sons of faith toward the securing of the soul. (Hebrews 10, 39)

  • he ought to know that whoever causes a sinner to be converted from the error of his ways will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins. (James 5, 20)

  • Most beloved, I beg you, as new arrivals and sojourners, to abstain from carnal desires, which battle against the soul. (1 Peter 2, 11)

  • For in seeing and in hearing, he was just, though he lived with those who, from day to day, crucified the just soul with works of iniquity. (2 Peter 2, 8)

  • Most beloved, concerning everything, I make it my prayer that you may benefit by advancing and succeeding in whatever may be to the benefit of your soul. (3 John 1, 2)

“Quando ofendemos a justiça de Deus, apelamos à Sua misericórdia. Mas se ofendemos a Sua misericórdia, a quem podemos apelar? Ofender o Pai que nos ama e insultar quem nos auxilia é um pecado pelo qual seremos severamente julgados.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina