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  • His throat is most sweet, and he is entirely desirable. Such is my beloved, and he is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem. (Song of Solomon 5, 18)

  • Chorus to Bride: Where has your beloved gone, O most beautiful among women? To where has your beloved turned aside, so that we may seek him with you? (Song of Solomon 5, 19)

  • Bride: My beloved has descended to his garden, to the courtyard of aromatic plants, in order to pasture in the gardens and gather the lilies. (Song of Solomon 6, 1)

  • I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me. He pastures among the lilies. (Song of Solomon 6, 2)

  • Most beloved one, how beautiful you are, and how graceful in delights! (Song of Solomon 7, 7)

  • Bride: Your throat is like the finest wine: wine worthy for my beloved to drink, and for his lips and teeth to contemplate. (Song of Solomon 7, 10)

  • I am for my beloved, and his turning is to me. (Song of Solomon 7, 11)

  • Approach, my beloved. Let us go out into the field; let us linger in the villages. (Song of Solomon 7, 12)

  • The mandrakes yield their fragrance. At our gates is every fruit. The new and the old, my beloved, I have kept for you. (Song of Solomon 7, 14)

  • Groom to Chorus: I bind you by oath, O daughters of Jerusalem, not to disturb or awaken the beloved, until she wills. (Song of Solomon 8, 4)

  • Chorus to Groom: Who is she, who ascends from the desert, flowing with delights, leaning upon her beloved? (Song of Solomon 8, 5)

  • Flee away, my beloved, and become like the doe and the young stag upon the mountains of aromatic plants. (Song of Solomon 8, 15)

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