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  • If, therefore, your delight is in thrones and scepters, O kings of the people, love wisdom, so that you may reign forever; (Wisdom of Solomon 6, 22)

  • love the light of wisdom, all you who lead the peoples. (Wisdom of Solomon 6, 23)

  • For you love all things that are, and you hate nothing of the things you have made; for you would not have created or established anything that you hated. (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 25)

  • Yet, it passes into their care, and those whom they did not know, they love because of the excellence of the artist. (Wisdom of Solomon 14, 18)

  • Deserving are the lovers of evil, those who hope in such things, and those who make them, and those who love them, and those who promote them. (Wisdom of Solomon 15, 6)

  • And he poured her over all his works, and over all flesh, to the extent of his favor, and he has offered her to those who love him. (Ecclesiasticus 1, 10)

  • The love of God is honorable wisdom. (Ecclesiasticus 1, 14)

  • And those to whom she will appear for their consideration love her because of what they see and know of her great works. (Ecclesiasticus 1, 15)

  • You who fear the Lord, love him. And your hearts will be illuminated. (Ecclesiasticus 2, 10)

  • Those who fear the Lord will not be unbelieving toward his Word. And those who love him will keep to his way. (Ecclesiasticus 2, 18)

  • Those who fear the Lord will seek the things that are well-pleasing to him. And those who love him will be filled with his law. (Ecclesiasticus 2, 19)

  • The sons of wisdom are the Church of the just: and their generation is obedience and love. (Ecclesiasticus 3, 1)

“Uma só coisa é necessária: estar perto de Jesus”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina