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  • that she said: “Blessed is your name, O God of our fathers, who, though you had been angry, will show mercy. And in time of tribulation, you dismiss the sins of those who call upon you. (Tobit 3, 13)

  • But all who worship you are certain of this: that one’s life, if it should be tested, shall be crowned, and if it should be in tribulation, shall be delivered, and if it should be corrected, shall be permitted to approach your mercy. (Tobit 3, 21)

  • For you have acted in your mercy toward us, and you have excluded from us the enemy who pursued us. (Tobit 8, 18)

  • Then he said to them privately: “Bless the God of heaven, and confess to him in the sight of all who live, for he has acted in his mercy toward you. (Tobit 12, 6)

  • For almsgiving delivers from death, and the same is what purges sins and makes one able to find mercy and everlasting life. (Tobit 12, 9)

  • He has chastised us because of our iniquities, and he will save us because of his mercy. (Tobit 13, 5)

  • And so, be converted, you sinners, and do justice in the presence of God, believing that he will act in his mercy toward you. (Tobit 13, 8)

  • But the sons of Israel, when they saw the multitude of them, prostrated themselves upon the ground, scattering ashes over their heads, praying with one accord that the God of Israel would show his mercy upon his people. (Judith 7, 4)

  • May you have mercy on us, for you are pious, or with your own scourges avenge our iniquities, but do not be willing to deliver those trusting in you to a people who are ignorant of you, (Judith 7, 20)

  • Uzziah, rising up covered in tears, said: “Be steadfast in soul, brothers, and let us wait these five days for mercy from the Lord. (Judith 7, 23)

  • This is not a word that will provoke mercy, but rather one that may excite wrath and enkindle fury. (Judith 8, 12)

  • You have set a time limit for the mercy of the Lord, and you have established a day for him, according to your choice. (Judith 8, 13)

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