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  • The Danites erected the carved statue for themselves. Jonathan son of Gershom, son of Moses, and his sons after him were priests for the tribe of Dan till the day when the inhabitants of the country were carried away into exile. (Judges 18, 30)

  • Saul selected three thousand men of Israel; two thousand of them were with Saul at Michmash and in the highlands of Bethel, and one thousand with Jonathan at Geba of Benjamin; the rest of the people Saul sent home, everyone to his tent. (1 Samuel 13, 2)

  • Jonathan killed the Philistine governor stationed at Gibeah and the Philistines were informed that the Hebrews had risen in revolt. Saul had the trumpet sounded throughout the country, (1 Samuel 13, 3)

  • Saul, his son Jonathan, and the force that was with them took up their quarters in Geba of Benjamin while the Philistines camped at Michmash. (1 Samuel 13, 16)

  • So it was that on the day of the battle, no one in the army with Saul and Jonathan was equipped with either sword or spear; only Saul and his son Jonathan were so equipped. (1 Samuel 13, 22)

  • One day, Jonathan son of Saul said to his armour-bearer, 'Come on, let us go across to the Philistine outpost over on the other side.' But he did not inform his father. (1 Samuel 14, 1)

  • Ahijah son of Ahitub, brother of Ichabod, son of Phinehas, son of Eli, the priest of Yahweh at Shiloh, was carrying the ephod. The force did not know that Jonathan had left. (1 Samuel 14, 3)

  • In the pass that Jonathan was trying to cross to reach the Philistine outpost, there is a rocky spur on one side and a rocky spur on the other; one is called Bozez, the other Seneh. (1 Samuel 14, 4)

  • Jonathan said to his armour-bearer, 'Come on, let us go across to these uncircumcised people's outpost; perhaps Yahweh will do something for us, for Yahweh is free to grant deliverance through a few men, just as much as through many.' (1 Samuel 14, 6)

  • Jonathan then said, 'Look, we will go across to these people and let ourselves be seen. (1 Samuel 14, 8)

  • The men of the outpost then hailed Jonathan and his armour-bearer. 'Come up to us,' they said, 'we have something to tell you.' Jonathan then said to his armour-bearer, 'Follow me up; Yahweh has given them into the power of Israel.' (1 Samuel 14, 12)

  • Jonathan clambered up on hands and feet, with his armour-bearer behind him; the Philistines fell at Jonathan's onslaught, and his armour-bearer, coming behind, finished them off. (1 Samuel 14, 13)

“O amor é a rainha das virtudes. Como as pérolas se ligam por um fio, assim as virtudes, pelo amor. Fogem as pérolas quando se rompe o fio. Assim também as virtudes se desfazem afastando-se o amor”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina