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  • The angel came into the house; Tobit greeted him, and the other answered, wishing him happiness in plenty. Tobit replied, 'Can I ever be happy again? I am a blind man; I no longer see the light of heaven; I am sunk in darkness like the dead who see the light no more. I am a man buried alive; I hear people speak but cannot see them.' The angel said,' Take comfort; before long God will heal you. Take comfort.' Tobit said, 'My son Tobias wishes to go to Media. Will you join him as his guide? Brother, I will pay you.' He replied,' I am willing to go with him; I know all the ways; I have often been to Media, I have crossed all its plains and mountains, and I know all its roads.' (Tobit 5, 10)

  • As soon as you have buried your mother next to me, go the same day, whenever it may be, and do not linger in this country where I see wickedness and perfidy unashamedly triumphant. Consider, my child, all the things done by Nadab to his foster-father Ahikar. Was not Ahikar forced to go underground, though still a living man? But God mad e the criminal pay for his outrage before his victim's eyes, since Ahikar came back to the light of day, while Nadab went down to everlasting darkness in punishment for plotting against Ahikar's life. Because of his good works Ahikar escaped the deadly snare Nadab had laid for him, and Nadab fell into it to his own ruin. (Tobit 14, 10)

  • May that day be darkness, may God on high have no thought for it, may no light shine on it. (Job 3, 4)

  • In daylight they come up against darkness, and grope their way as if noon were night. (Job 5, 14)

  • before I go to the place of no return, to the land of darkness and shadow dark as death, (Job 10, 21)

  • Then begins an existence more radiant than noon, and the very darkness will be bright as morning. (Job 11, 17)

  • He unveils the depths of darkness, brings shadow dark as death to the light. (Job 12, 22)

  • to grope about in unlit darkness, lurching to and fro as though drunk. (Job 12, 25)

  • The hour of darkness terrifies him, distress and anguish assail him as when a king is poised for the assault. (Job 15, 24)

  • yet they would have me believe that night is day, that light to dispel the darkness is at hand, (Job 17, 12)

  • when all I want, in fact, is to dwell in Sheol and in that darkness there to make my bed! (Job 17, 13)

  • Driven from the light into the darkness, he is banished from the world, (Job 18, 18)

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