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  • and she became pregnant. She gave birth to a son and called him Samuel because she said: "I have asked Yahweh to give him to me." (1 Samuel 1, 20)

  • Meanwhile Samuel, now a boy wearing a priest's garment, was ministering before Yahweh. (1 Samuel 2, 18)

  • After the man had gone back home, Yahweh blessed Hannah with more children. She had three sons and two daughters while the boy Samuel grew in the presence of Yahweh. (1 Samuel 2, 21)

  • The boy Samuel, in the meantime, was growing in stature and worth before Yahweh and the people. (1 Samuel 2, 26)

  • The boy Samuel ministered to Yahweh under Eli's care in a time in which the word of Yahweh was rarely heard; visions were not seen. (1 Samuel 3, 1)

  • The lamp of God was still lighted and Samuel also lay in the house of Yahweh near the ark of God. (1 Samuel 3, 3)

  • Then Yahweh called, "Samuel! Samuel!" Samuel answered, "I am here!" (1 Samuel 3, 4)

  • Then Yahweh called again, "Samuel!" and Samuel stood up and went to Eli saying, "You called me; I am here." But Eli answered, "I did not call you, my son. Go back to sleep." (1 Samuel 3, 6)

  • Samuel did not yet know Yahweh and the word of Yahweh had not yet been revealed to him. (1 Samuel 3, 7)

  • But Yahweh called Samuel for the third time and, as he went again to Eli saying, "I am here for you have called me," Eli realized that it was Yahweh calling the boy. (1 Samuel 3, 8)

  • So he said to Samuel, "Go, lie down, and if he calls you again, answer: "Speak, Yahweh, your servant listens." (1 Samuel 3, 9)

  • Then Yahweh came and stood there calling as he did before, "Samuel! Samuel!" And Samuel answered, "Speak, for your servant listens." (1 Samuel 3, 10)

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