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  • May Yahweh show you faithful love, as you have done to those who have died and to me. Yahweh grant that you may each find happiness with a husband!' She then kissed them, but they began weeping loudly, (Ruth 1, 9)

  • Naomi said to her daughter-in-law, 'May he be blessed by Yahweh who does not withhold his faithful love from living or dead! This man', Naomi added, 'is a close relation of ours. He is one of those who have the right of redemption over us.' (Ruth 2, 20)

  • 'May Yahweh bless you, daughter,' he said, 'for this second act of faithful love of yours is greater than the first, since you have not run after young men, poor or rich. (Ruth 3, 10)

  • His sons did not follow his example but, seduced by the love of money, took bribes and gave biased verdicts. (1 Samuel 8, 3)

  • Saul said to the Kenites, 'Go away, leave your homes among the Amalekites, in case I destroy you with them -- you acted with faithful love towards all the Israelites when they were coming up from Egypt.' So the Kenites moved away from the Amalekites. (1 Samuel 15, 6)

  • Now Michal daughter of Saul fell in love with David. When Saul heard this he was pleased. (1 Samuel 18, 20)

  • Saul gave instructions to his servants, 'Have a private word with David and say, "Look, the king is fond of you and all his servants love you -- why not be the king's son-in-law?" ' (1 Samuel 18, 22)

  • Show your servant faithful love, since you have bound your servant to you by a pact in Yahweh's name. But if I am guilty, then kill me yourself -- why take me to your father?' (1 Samuel 20, 8)

  • If I am still alive, show your servant faithful love; if I die, (1 Samuel 20, 14)

  • never withdraw your faithful love from my family. When Yahweh has exterminated every enemy of David's from the face of the earth, (1 Samuel 20, 15)

  • I am desolate for you, Jonathan my brother. Very dear you were to me, your love more wonderful to me than the love of a woman. (2 Samuel 1, 26)

  • so David sent messengers to the people of Jabesh in Gilead. 'May you be blessed by Yahweh,' he said, 'for showing this faithful love to Saul your lord, and for burying him. (2 Samuel 2, 5)

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