1. Better the poor man who lives honestly than the fool who lies.

2. It is bad for men not to reflect, and acting too quickly can lead one astray.

3. A man spoils his chances through his own stupidity but it is against Yahweh that his heart rages.

4. Wealth multiplies friends, but the poor man is deprived of his only friend.

5. The false witness will not go unpunished, the liar will not escape.

6. Many are the flatterers of the noble man, the whole world is a friend to the rich man.

7. A poor man is hated by all his brothers, and even more so do his friends desert him. He searches for someone to talk to but finds no one.

8. He who acquires wisdom loves himself, he who respects knowledge will be happy.

9. The false witness will not go unpunished, the liar will perish.

10. It is not good that a fool live luxuriously, still less that a slave command princes.

11. A clever man is slow to anger; his glory lies in forgetting offenses.

12. The angry king is like a roaring lion but his favor is like the dew on the grass.

13. The foolish son is the ruination of his father; the nagging wife is like a dripping gutter.

14. House and wealth are inherited from a father but a sensible wife is a gift from Yahweh.

15. Laziness makes a man fall asleep, the idler will go hungry.

16. He who keeps the commandment keeps his life; he who despises it dies.

17. He who shows compassion to the poor lends to Yahweh, who will repay his good deed.

18. Correct your son as long as there is hope, lest you be responsible for his death.

19. The violent man leaves himself open to a fine; if you spare him he will continue.

20. Listen to counsel and accept correction, and you will be wise in the end.

21. Plans abound in the human heart but only Yahweh's purpose will be realized.

22. Goodness is attractive in a person; better a poor man than a liar.

23. Love of Yahweh leads you to life; you will have your fill and live without fear.

24. The lazy man dips his hand in the dish but he cannot even lift it to his mouth.

25. Punish the mocker and the ignorant will be more careful; rebuke a discerning man and he will listen to reason.

26. He who dispossesses his father and evicts his mother is a shameful and degenerate son.

27. My son, listen to instruction and stop straying from the words of wisdom.

28. An unworthy witness makes a mockery of justice; the mouth of the wicked feeds on evil.

29. Punishments were made for mockers and blows, for the backs of fools.

“A sua função é tirar e transportar as pedras, e arrancar os espinhos. Jesus é quem semeia, planta, cultiva e rega. Mas seu trabalho também é obra de Jesus. Sem Ele você nada pode fazer.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina