1. Eliphaz of Teman spoke next. He said:

2. If we say something to you, will you bear with us? Who in any case could refrain from speaking now?

3. You have schooled many others, giving strength to feeble hands;

4. your words supported any who wavered and strengthened every failing knee.

5. And now your turn has come, and you lose patience, at the first touch on yourself you are overwhelmed!

6. Does not your piety give you confidence, and your integrity of life give you hope?

7. Can you recall anyone guiltless that perished? Where then have the honest been wiped out?

8. I speak from experience: those who plough iniquity and sow disaster, reap just that.

9. Under the breath of God, they perish: a blast of his anger, and they are destroyed;

10. the lion's roars, his savage growls, like the fangs of a lion cub, are broken off.

11. The lion dies for lack of prey and the lioness's whelps are dispersed.

12. I have received a secret revelation, a whisper has come to my ears;

13. by night when dreams confuse the mind and slumber lies heavy on everyone,

14. a shiver of horror ran through me and filled all my bones with fright.

15. A breath slid over my face, the hairs of my body bristled.

16. Someone stood there -- I did not know his face, but the form stayed there before my eyes. Silence -- then I heard a voice,

17. 'Can a mortal seem upright to God, would anybody seem pure in the presence of his Maker?

18. God cannot rely even on his own servants, even with his angels he finds fault.

19. What then of those who live in houses of clay, who are founded on dust?

20. They are crushed as easily as a moth, between morning and evening they are ground to powder. They vanish for ever, with no one to bring them back.

21. Their tent-peg is snatched from them, and they die devoid of wisdom.'

“Diga ao Senhor: Faça em mim segundo a Tua vontade, mas antes de mandar-me o sofrimento, dê-me forças para que eu possa sofrer com amor.”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina