Talált 231 Eredmények: daughters

  • Joseph is a growing son, a growing son and stately to behold; the daughters run back and forth on the wall. (Genesis 49, 22)

  • Now there was a priest of Midian with seven daughters, who came to draw water. And having filled the troughs, they desired to water their father’s flocks. (Exodus 2, 16)

  • But every woman shall ask of her neighbor and of her hostess vessels of silver and of gold, as well as garments. And you shall set them upon your sons and daughters, and you shall despoil Egypt.” (Exodus 3, 22)

  • And truly Eleazar, the son of Aaron, took a wife from the daughters of Putiel. And she bore him Phinehas. These are the heads of the Levitical families by their kindred. (Exodus 6, 25)

  • Moses said: “We will travel with our little ones and our elderly, with our sons and daughters, with our sheep and herds. For it is a solemnity of the Lord our God.” (Exodus 10, 9)

  • But if his lord gave him a wife, and she has borne sons and daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her lord. Yet still, he himself will go out with his clothing. (Exodus 21, 4)

  • But if he has betrothed her to his son, he shall treat her according to the custom with daughters. (Exodus 21, 9)

  • And Aaron said to them, “Take the golden earrings from the ears of your wives, and your sons and daughters, and bring them to me.” (Exodus 32, 2)

  • Neither shall you take a wife for your son from their daughters, lest, after they themselves have fornicated, they may cause your sons also to fornicate with their gods. (Exodus 34, 16)

  • Likewise, the breast which is offered, and the shoulder which is separated, you shall eat in a most clean place, you and your sons, and your daughters with you. For these have been set aside for you and your children from the victims which benefit the sons of Israel. (Leviticus 10, 14)

  • so much so that you will eat the flesh of your sons and your daughters. (Leviticus 26, 29)

  • But the first-fruits, which the sons of Israel shall vow and offer, I have given to you, and to your sons, as well as to your daughters, by a perpetual right. Whoever is clean in your house shall eat them. (Numbers 18, 11)

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