Talált 641 Eredmények: holy

  • Every male of priestly descent shall feed on its flesh, because it is the Holy of holies. (Leviticus 6, 29)

  • Likewise, this is the law of the sacrifice for a transgression. It is the Holy of holies. (Leviticus 7, 1)

  • Every male of priestly descent shall feed on this flesh in a holy place, because it is the Holy of holies. (Leviticus 7, 6)

  • But you shall not depart from the door of the tabernacle; otherwise, you shall perish. For certainly the oil of holy anointing is upon you.” And they did all things according to the precept of Moses. (Leviticus 10, 7)

  • And so may you have the knowledge to discern between holy and profane, between polluted and clean. (Leviticus 10, 10)

  • And Moses spoke to Aaron, and to his sons, Eleazar and Ithamar, who were remaining: “Take the sacrifice which remains from the oblation of the Lord, and eat it without leaven next to the altar, because it is the Holy of holies. (Leviticus 10, 12)

  • For you shall eat it in a holy place, which is given to you and to your sons, from the oblations of the Lord, just as has been instructed me. (Leviticus 10, 13)

  • “Why did you not eat the sacrifice for sin in the holy place, which is the Holy of holies, and which was given to you, so that you might carry the iniquity of the people, and might pray for them in the sight of the Lord, (Leviticus 10, 17)

  • especially since none of its blood has been brought into the holy places, and since you should have eaten it in the Sanctuary, as was instructed me?” (Leviticus 10, 18)

  • For I am the Lord your God. Be holy, for I am Holy. Do not pollute your souls with any creeping thing, which moves across the land. (Leviticus 11, 44)

  • For I am the Lord, who led you away from the land of Egypt, so that I would be your God; you shall be holy, for I am Holy. (Leviticus 11, 45)

  • Yet truly, she herself shall remain for thirty-three days in the blood of her purification. She shall not touch anything holy, nor shall she enter into the Sanctuary, until the days of her purification are completed. (Leviticus 12, 4)

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