Talált 260 Eredmények: impious

  • And as they drew near, he said: “Will you destroy the just with the impious? (Genesis 18, 23)

  • Far be it from you to do this thing, and to kill the just with the impious, and for the just to be treated like the impious. No, this is not like you. You judge all the earth; you would never make such a judgment.” (Genesis 18, 25)

  • And Pharaoh sent and called Moses and Aaron, saying to them: “I have sinned even until now. The Lord is just. I and my people are impious. (Exodus 9, 27)

  • “You shall not accept a lying voice. Neither shall you join your hand so as to give false testimony on behalf on the impious. (Exodus 23, 1)

  • You shall flee from lies. The innocent and the just you shall not kill. For I shun the impious. (Exodus 23, 7)

  • and he said to the crowd, “Withdraw from the tabernacles of these impious men, and touch nothing which pertains to them, lest you become involved in their sins.” (Numbers 16, 26)

  • Take care, lest perhaps an impious thought might creep within you, and you might say in your heart: ‘The seventh year of remission approaches.’ And so you might turn your eyes away from your poor brother, unwilling to lend to him what he has asked. If so, then he may cry out against you to the Lord, and it will be a sin for you. (Deuteronomy 15, 9)

  • “If there is a case between persons, and they apply to the judges, they shall give the palm of justice to the one whom they perceive to be just, and they shall condemn of impiety the one who is impious. (Deuteronomy 25, 1)

  • He will preserve the feet of his holy ones, and the impious will be silenced in darkness. For no man will prevail by his own strength. (1 Samuel 2, 9)

  • So too, it is said in the ancient proverb, ‘From the impious, impiety will go forth.’ Therefore, my hand will not be upon you. (1 Samuel 24, 14)

  • How much more so now, when impious men have put to death an innocent man in his own house, upon his bed, shall I not require his blood from your hand, and take you away from the earth?” (2 Samuel 4, 11)

  • you will hear in heaven, and you will act and judge your servants, condemning the impious, and repaying his own way upon his own head, but justifying the just, and rewarding him in accord with his justice. (1 Kings 8, 32)

“Caminhe com alegria e com o coração o mais sincero e aberto que puder. E quando não conseguir manter esta santa alegria, ao menos não perca nunca o valor e a confiança em Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina