Talált 135 Eredmények: chief

  • Now Abishai, brother of Joab, son of Zeruiah, was chief of the Thirty. He wielded his spear against three hundred men and slew them, winning a name beside the Thirty. (2 Samuel 23, 18)

  • In the seventh year, Jehoiada the chief priest, summoned the officers of the royal guard and of the Carites to the House of Yahweh. After concluding a pact with them under oath, he showed them the king's son. (2 Kings 11, 4)

  • The commander of the bodyguard took captive Seraiah the chief priest and Zephaniah the next priest in rank, as well as three doorkeepers. (2 Kings 25, 18)

  • After Hadad died, these were the chiefs of Edom: Chief of Timna, Chief of Aliah, Chief Jetheth, (1 Chronicles 1, 51)

  • Chief Oholibamah, Chief of Elah, Chief Pinon, (1 Chronicles 1, 52)

  • Chief Kenaz, Chief Teman, Chief Mibzar, Chief Magdiel, and Chief Iram. (1 Chronicles 1, 53)

  • His kinsmen, by clans, grouped according to their kinship: Jeiel, the chief, Zechariah, (1 Chronicles 5, 7)

  • of the sons of Kohath, Uriel the chief and his hundred and twenty kinsmen; (1 Chronicles 15, 5)

  • Benaiah son of Jehoiada was in command of the Cheretites and Pelethites; David's sons were the chief assistants of the King. (1 Chronicles 18, 17)

  • Hosah, son of Merari, had sons: Shimri was the first, for although he was not the firstborn his father had made him the chief. (1 Chronicles 26, 10)

  • For the Hebronites: Jerijah the chief. In the fortieth year of David's reign, the family line of the Hebronite families was investigated and fighting men were found belonging to them at Jazer in Gilead. (1 Chronicles 26, 31)

  • son of Perez, and chief of all the officers of the division had charge of a division of twenty-four thousand men. (1 Chronicles 27, 3)

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