Talált 138 Eredmények: message

  • Hezekiah, king of Judah, sent a message to Sennacherib who was in Lachish, "I have acted badly, stop your attack and I will do whatever you demand of me." The king of Assyria demanded that Hezekiah give a contribution of three hundred talents of silver and thirty of gold. (2 Kings 18, 14)

  • The field commander said to them, "Give Hezekiah this message from the great king of Assyria: How can you be so confident? (2 Kings 18, 19)

  • In those days Hezekiah fell mortally ill and the prophet Isaiah, son of Amoz, went to him with a message from Yahweh, "Put your house in order for you shall die; you shall not live." (2 Kings 20, 1)

  • Solomon then sent this message to Huram king of Tyre, "Deal with me as you dealt with my father David when you sent him cedars to build a house to live in. (2 Chronicles 2, 2)

  • Asa then took the silver and gold from the treasuries of Yahweh's House and the royal palace, and sent it with the following message to Ben-hadad king of Aram who lived in Damascus, (2 Chronicles 16, 2)

  • Jehoshaphat received the following message, "A large army is advancing against you from Edom, from the other side of the sea; they are already at Hazaaon-tamar, that is, Engedi." (2 Chronicles 20, 2)

  • After consulting his advisers, Amaziah king of Judah sent a message to Joash son of Jehoahaz, son of Jehu, king of Israel, challenging him to fight. (2 Chronicles 25, 17)

  • Joash king of Israel sent back word to Amaziah king of Judah, "The thornbush of Lebanon sent a message to the cedar of Lebanon, saying, 'Give my son your daughter in marriage'; but the wild animals of Lebanon trampled the thornbush down as they passed. You are very proud because you have defeated the Edomites - Boast on but stay at home. (2 Chronicles 25, 18)

  • "Hear the message from Sennacherib king of Assyria, 'What gives you the confidence to stay in Jerusalem under siege? (2 Chronicles 32, 10)

  • I gave them orders concerning Iddo, the leader who was in Casiphia; I gave them a message to relay to Iddo and his brothers, the helpers, in Casiphia, to send us ministers for the House of our God. (Ezra 8, 17)

  • Then Sanballat and Geshem sent me a message saying, "Come and let us talk in Keriphim, in the lowland of Ono." They intended to do me harm; (Nehemiah 6, 2)

  • and sent a message to Holofernes, "Will my lord command that his servant be allowed to go out to pray." (Judith 12, 6)

“Nunca vá se deitar sem antes examinar a sua consciência sobre o dia que passou. Enderece todos os seus pensamentos a Deus, consagre-lhe todo o seu ser e também todos os seus irmãos. Ofereça à glória de Deus o repouso que você vai iniciar e não esqueça do seu Anjo da Guarda que está sempre com você.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina