Talált 303 Eredmények: faith

  • Trust wholeheartedly in Yahweh, put no faith in your own perception; (Proverbs 3, 5)

  • The lips of the king utter prophecies, he keeps faith when he speaks in judgement. (Proverbs 16, 10)

  • Woe to the listless heart that has no faith, for such will have no protection. (Ecclesiasticus 2, 13)

  • Do not count on their having long life, do not put too much faith in their number; for better have one than a thousand, better die childless than have children who are godless. (Ecclesiasticus 16, 3)

  • Be fond of a friend and keep faith with him, but if you have betrayed his secrets, do not go after him any more; (Ecclesiasticus 27, 17)

  • Be as good as your word and keep faith with him, and you will find your needs met every time. (Ecclesiasticus 29, 3)

  • An intelligent person will put faith in the Law, for such a one the Law is as dependable as a prophecy. (Ecclesiasticus 33, 3)

  • As well clutch at shadows and chase the wind as put any faith in dreams. (Ecclesiasticus 34, 2)

  • Do not try to bribe him with presents, he will not accept them, do not put your faith in wrongly motivated sacrifices; (Ecclesiasticus 35, 11)

  • All bribery and injustice will be blotted out, but good faith will stand for ever. (Ecclesiasticus 40, 12)

  • As for the twelve prophets, may their bones flower again from the tomb, since they have comforted Jacob and redeemed him in faith and hope. (Ecclesiasticus 49, 10)

  • Look, he is the God of my salvation: I shall have faith and not be afraid, for Yahweh is my strength and my song, he has been my salvation.' (Isaiah 12, 2)

“Esforce-se, mesmo se for um pouco, mas sempre…” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina