Talált 28 Eredmények: maidservant

  • So Bagoas went out from the presence of Holofernes, and approached her and said, "This beautiful maidservant will please come to my lord and be honored in his presence, and drink wine and be merry with us, and become today like one of the daughters of the Assyrians who serve in the house of Nebuchadnezzar." (Judith 12, 13)

  • "If I have rejected the cause of my manservant or my maidservant, when they brought a complaint against me; (Job 31, 13)

  • For I am thy slave and the son of thy maidservant, a man who is weak and short-lived, with little understanding of judgment and laws; (Wisdom of Solomon 9, 5)

  • of meddling with his maidservant -- and do not approach her bed; of abusive words, before friends -- and do not upbraid after making a gift; (Ecclesiasticus 42, 22)

“Devemos odiar os nossos pecados, visto que o amor ao Senhor significa paz”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina