Talált 653 Eredmények: Law

  • or when such a feeling of jealousy comes over a man that he becomes suspicious of his wife, he shall have her stand before the LORD, and the priest shall apply this law in full to her. (Numbers 5, 30)

  • "This, then, is the law for the nazirite; this is the offering to the LORD which is included in his vow of dedication apart from anything else which his means may allow. Thus shall he carry out the law of his dedication in keeping with the vow he has taken." (Numbers 6, 21)

  • "If an alien who lives among you wishes to keep the LORD'S Passover, he too shall observe the rules and regulations for the Passover. You shall have the same law for the resident alien as for the native of the land." (Numbers 9, 14)

  • Moses said to his brother-in-law Hobab, son of Reuel the Midianite, "We are setting out for the place which the LORD has promised to give us. Come with us, and we will be generous toward you, for the LORD has promised prosperity to Israel." (Numbers 10, 29)

  • with the same law and the same application of it for the alien residing among you as for yourselves." (Numbers 15, 16)

  • You shall have but one law for him who sins inadvertently, whether he be a native Israelite or an alien residing with you. (Numbers 15, 29)

  • "This is the regulation which the law of the LORD prescribes. Tell the Israelites to procure for you a red heifer that is free from every blemish and defect and on which no yoke has ever been laid. (Numbers 19, 2)

  • "This is the law: When a man dies in a tent, everyone who enters the tent, as well as everyone already in it, shall be unclean for seven days; (Numbers 19, 14)

  • Eleazar the priest told the soldiers who had returned from combat: "This is what the law, as prescribed by the LORD to Moses, ordains: (Numbers 31, 21)

  • Moses began to explain the law in the land of Moab beyond the Jordan, as follows: (Deuteronomy 1, 5)

  • Or what great nation has statutes and decrees that are as just as this whole law which I am setting before you today? (Deuteronomy 4, 8)

  • This is the law which Moses set before the Israelites. (Deuteronomy 4, 44)

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