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  • David fought them from early morning to the evening of the following day, allowing no one to escape except four hundred young men who mounted their camels and fled. (1 Samuel 30, 17)

  • And they mourned, weeping and fasting until evening, for the death of Saul and his son Jonathan, for all the people of Judah and for the nation of Israel. (2 Samuel 1, 12)

  • David invited him to table and he ate and drank until he was drunk. When evening fell, however, he went to lie down on his couch with the guards of his lord instead of going down to his house. (2 Samuel 11, 13)

  • There the ravens brought him bread in the morning and meat in the evening; and he drank from the brook. (1 Kings 17, 6)

  • It was already past noon and they were still raving on until the time of the evening offering. But still there was no voice; no one answered or gave a sign of life. (1 Kings 18, 29)

  • When the time of the evening offering came, Elijah the prophet came near and said, "O Yahweh, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant, doing all these things at your command. (1 Kings 18, 36)

  • The battle raged fiercely on that day. Meanwhile, the king was propped up in his chariot, facing the Arameans, until the evening when he died. The blood from his wound flowed down into the bottom of the chariot. (1 Kings 22, 35)

  • "Upon this great altar you shall burn the morning holocaust and the evening sacrifice, the king's holocaust and his sacrifice, the holocausts of the people of the land, their sacrifices and libations. You shall shed upon it all the blood of the holocausts and sacrifices. As for the bronze altar, I will deal with it." (2 Kings 16, 15)

  • to offer burnt offerings to Yahweh regularly, morning and evening, on the altar for burnt offerings and to carry out all that is written in the Law of Yahweh laid down for Israel. (1 Chronicles 16, 40)

  • They have to be present every morning to give glory and praise to Yahweh, and also in the evening, (1 Chronicles 23, 30)

  • I am now building a house to honor Yahweh, my God, to acknowledge his holiness by burning incense of scented spices in his presence, by the loaves that are perpetually set out, by offerings morning and evening, on the sabbath, New Moon, and the solemn festivals of Yahweh our God - and this forever in Israel. (2 Chronicles 2, 3)

  • Every morning, every evening, we burn burnt offerings to Yahweh our God, we have the incense of sweet spices, the loaves set out in rows on the pure table, the golden lampstand with its lamps that burn each evening; for we observe the ritual of Yahweh our God, that you have abandoned. (2 Chronicles 13, 11)

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