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  • Some he will assign as commanders over a thousand men and commanders over fifty. Others will till his ground and reap his harvest, make his implements of war and the equipment for his chariots. (1 Samuel 8, 12)

  • As the men wandered into the forest, they saw honey on the ground and (1 Samuel 14, 25)

  • rushed to the spoils and took sheep, oxen, and calves and, after they had slaughtered them on the ground, they ate over the blood. (1 Samuel 14, 32)

  • Putting his hand into his bag, he took out a stone, slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead; it penetrated his forehead and he fell on his face to the ground. (1 Samuel 17, 49)

  • When the lad had gone, David came out from behind the mound and lay on the ground. The two embraced each other and wept with one another until David was through. (1 Samuel 20, 41)

  • Then David himself stepped out of the cave and called after Saul, "My master, the king!" When Saul looked back, David knelt and then bowed to the ground in homage and asked him, (1 Samuel 24, 9)

  • On seeing David, Abigail quickly dismounted from the ass and threw herself on the ground before him. (1 Samuel 25, 23)

  • Rising and bowing to the ground, Abigail answered, "May I be as a slave to wash the feet of my lord's servants." (1 Samuel 25, 41)

  • So, that night, David and Abishai went into the camp and found Saul sleeping in the center, his spear thrust into the ground at his head, while Abner and the rest of the soldiers were sleeping around him. (1 Samuel 26, 7)

  • Abishai said to David, "God has delivered your enemy into your hands this day. Let me nail him to the ground with one thrust of the spear; I will not repeat it." (1 Samuel 26, 8)

  • Let not my blood flow to the ground far from the presence of Yahweh! For the king of Israel has come to seek out a flea as a man hunts a partridge in the mountains." (1 Samuel 26, 20)

  • The king then told her, "Have no fear. What do you see?" The woman said, "I see him rising from the ground. He is a god." (1 Samuel 28, 13)

“Como Jesus, preparemo-nos a duas ascensões: uma ao Calvário e outra ao Céu. A ascensão ao Calvário, se não for alegre, deve ao menos ser resignada!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina