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  • God heard Leah, and she conceived and gave birth to a fifth son by Jacob. (Genesis 30, 17)

  • Then God remembered Rachel; he heard her and opened her womb. (Genesis 30, 22)

  • Meanwhile, Jacob had heard how his daughter Dinah had been dishonoured, but since his sons were out in the countryside with his livestock, Jacob said nothing until they came back. (Genesis 34, 5)

  • when Jacob's sons returned from the countryside and heard the news; the men were outraged and infuriated that Shechem had insulted Israel by sleeping with Jacob's daughter -- a thing totally unacceptable. (Genesis 34, 7)

  • Hamor and Shechem son of Hamor were pleased with what they heard. (Genesis 34, 18)

  • We must move on and go to Bethel. There I shall make an altar for the God who heard me when I was in distress, and gave me his help on the journey I made.' (Genesis 35, 3)

  • The man answered, 'They have moved on from here; indeed I heard them say, "Let us go to Dothan." ' So Joseph went after his brothers and found them at Dothan. (Genesis 37, 17)

  • But Reuben heard, and he saved him from their clutches. 'We must not take his life,' he said. (Genesis 37, 21)

  • and when he heard me scream, he left his tunic beside me and ran out of the house.' (Genesis 39, 15)

  • When his master heard his wife say, 'This was how your slave treated me,' he became furious. (Genesis 39, 19)

  • Pharaoh said to Joseph, 'I have had a dream, and there is no one to interpret it. But I have heard it said of you that you can interpret a dream the instant you hear it.' (Genesis 41, 15)

  • They arranged their gift while they waited for Joseph to come at midday, for they had heard they were to dine there. (Genesis 43, 25)

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