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  • Baldness has befallen Gaza, Ashkelon has been reduced to silence. You who remain in the valley, how long will you gash yourselves? (Jeremiah 47, 5)

  • Hence wild cats and jackals will live there, and ostriches make their home there. She will never again be inhabited, for ever, but remain uninhabited age after age. (Jeremiah 50, 39)

  • 'The Lord says this: Bend your necks and serve the king of Babylon, and you will remain in the country which I gave to your ancestors. (Baruch 2, 21)

  • so that the kingdom would remain modest and without ambitions, and would keep and honour his treaty. (Ezekiel 17, 14)

  • No human foot will pass through it, no animal foot will pass through it. For forty years it will remain uninhabited. (Ezekiel 29, 11)

  • The marshes and lagoons, however, will not become wholesome, but will remain salt. (Ezekiel 47, 11)

  • 'Go, Daniel,' he said. 'These words are to remain secret and sealed until the time of the End. (Daniel 12, 9)

  • Since you have plundered many nations, all the nations that remain will plunder you, because of the bloodshed and violence done to the country, to the city and to all who live in it. (Habakkuk 2, 8)

  • He said to him, 'Run, and tell that young man this, "Jerusalem is to remain unwalled, because of the great number of men and cattle inside. (Zechariah 2, 8)

  • And it will be one continuous day -- Yahweh knows -- there will be no more day and night, and it will remain light right into the time of evening. (Zechariah 14, 7)

  • Who will be able to resist the day of his coming? Who will remain standing when he appears? For he will be like a refiner's fire, like fullers' alkali. (Malachi 3, 2)

  • The crowd answered, 'The Law has taught us that the Christ will remain for ever. So how can you say, "The Son of man must be lifted up"? Who is this Son of man?' (John 12, 34)

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