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  • The people struck their tents to cross the Jordan, with the priests carrying the ark of the covenant ahead of them. (Joshua 3, 14)

  • While all Israel crossed over on dry ground, the priests carrying the ark of the covenant of the LORD remained motionless on dry ground in the bed of the Jordan until the whole nation had completed the passage. (Joshua 3, 17)

  • you shall answer them, 'The waters of the Jordan ceased to flow before the ark of the covenant of the LORD when it crossed the Jordan.' Thus these stones are to serve as a perpetual memorial to the Israelites." (Joshua 4, 7)

  • Joshua also had twelve stones set up in the bed of the Jordan on the spot where the priests stood who were carrying the ark of the covenant. They are there to this day. (Joshua 4, 9)

  • and when the priests carrying the ark of the covenant of the LORD had come up from the bed of the Jordan, as the soles of their feet regained the dry ground, the waters of the Jordan resumed their course and as before overflowed all its banks. (Joshua 4, 18)

  • Summoning the priests, Joshua, son of Nun, then ordered them to take up the ark of the covenant with seven of the priests carrying ram's horns in front of the ark of the LORD. (Joshua 6, 6)

  • At this order they proceeded, with the seven priests who carried the ram's horns before the LORD blowing their horns, and the ark of the covenant of the LORD following them. (Joshua 6, 8)

  • Israel has sinned: they have violated the covenant which I enjoined on them. They have stealthily taken goods subject to the ban, and have deceitfully put them in their baggage. (Joshua 7, 11)

  • He who is designated as having incurred the ban shall be destroyed by fire, with all that is his, because he has violated the covenant of the LORD and has committed a shameful crime in Israel." (Joshua 7, 15)

  • And all Israel, stranger and native alike, with their elders, officers and judges, stood on either side of the ark facing the levitical priests who were carrying the ark of the covenant of the LORD. Half of them were facing Mount Gerizim and half Mount Ebal, thus carrying out the instructions of Moses, the servant of the LORD, for the blessing of the people of Israel on this first occasion. (Joshua 8, 33)

  • If you transgress the covenant of the LORD, your God, which he enjoined on you, serve other gods and worship them, the anger of the LORD will flare up against you and you will quickly perish from the good land which he has given you." (Joshua 23, 16)

  • So Joshua made a covenant with the people that day and made statutes and ordinances for them at Shechem, (Joshua 24, 25)

“A maior alegria de um pai é que os filhos se amem, formem um só coração e uma só alma. Não fostes vós que me escolhestes, mas o pai celeste que, na minha primeira missa, me fez ver todos os filhos que me confiava”.(P.e Pio) São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina