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  • So Samson went down to Timnah with his father and mother. When they had come to the vineyards of Timnah, a young lion came roaring to meet him. (Judges 14, 5)

  • My ravenous enemies press upon me; they close their hearts, they fill their mouths with proud roaring. (Psalms 17, 10)

  • Lord, how long will you look on? Save me from roaring beasts, my precious life from lions! (Psalms 35, 17)

  • You still the roaring of the seas, the roaring of their waves, the tumult of the peoples. (Psalms 65, 8)

  • In his actions he was like a lion, like a young lion roaring for prey. (1 Maccabees 3, 4)

  • The king's wrath is like the roaring of a lion, but his favor, like dew on the grass. (Proverbs 19, 12)

  • Like a roaring lion or a ravenous bear is a wicked ruler over a poor people. (Proverbs 28, 15)

  • Or new-created, wrathful, unknown beasts to breathe forth fiery breath, Or pour out roaring smoke, or flash terrible sparks from their eyes. (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 18)

  • or the rude crash of overthrown rocks, Or the unseen gallop of bounding animals, or the roaring cry of the fiercest beasts, Or an echo resounding from the hollow of the hills, these sounds, inspiring terror, paralyzed them. (Wisdom of Solomon 17, 19)

  • (They will roar over it, on that day, with a roaring like that of the sea.) (Isaiah 5, 30)

  • Ah! the roaring of many peoples that roar like the roar of the seas! The surging of nations that surge like the surging of mighty waves! (Isaiah 17, 12)

  • (Oracle on the Beasts of the Negeb) Through the distressed and troubled land of the lioness and roaring lion, of the viper and flying saraph, They carry their riches on the backs of asses and their treasures on the humps of camels To a people good for nothing, (Isaiah 30, 6)

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