Znaleziono 556 Wyniki dla: arrived

  • And going out to meet his kinsman, he reverenced and kissed him. And they saluted each other with peaceful words. And when he had arrived at the tent, (Exodus 18, 7)

  • And so Jethro, the kinsman of Moses, offered holocausts and sacrifices to God. And Aaron arrived with all the elders of Israel, in order to eat bread with him in the sight of God. (Exodus 18, 12)

  • In the third month of the departure of Israel from the land of Egypt, in that day, they arrived in the wilderness of Sinai. (Exodus 19, 1)

  • And now, the third day arrived and the morning dawned. And behold, thunders began to be heard, and also lightning flashed, and a very dense cloud covered the mountain, and the noise of the trumpet resounded vehemently. And the people who were in the camp were fearful. (Exodus 19, 16)

  • With whatever clothing he arrived, with the like let him depart. If he has a wife, his wife also shall depart, at the same time. (Exodus 21, 3)

  • Then, when the next day arrived, Moses spoke to the people: “You have sinned the greatest sin. I will ascend to the Lord. Perhaps, in some way, I might be able to entreat him for your wickedness.” (Exodus 32, 30)

  • Then, the eighth day having arrived, Moses called Aaron and his sons, and those greater by birth from Israel, and he said to Aaron: (Leviticus 9, 1)

  • Then the Kohathites also set out, carrying the Sanctuary. The tabernacle was carried, all the while, until they arrived at the place for setting it up. (Numbers 10, 21)

  • And that place was called, ‘The Graves of Lust.’ For there, they buried the people who had desired. Then, departing from the Graves of Lust, they arrived in Hazeroth, and they stayed there. (Numbers 11, 34)

  • And they ascended by the south side. And they arrived at Hebron, where there were Ahiman and Shishai and Talmai, the sons of Anak. For Hebron was founded seven years before Tanis, the city of Egypt. (Numbers 13, 23)

  • And when they had moved the camp from Kadesh, they arrived at mount Hor, which is at the borders of the land of Edom, (Numbers 20, 22)

  • And when king Arad the Canaanite, who was living toward the south, had heard this, namely, that Israel had arrived by the way of spies, he fought against them. And proving to be the victor, he led away prey from them. (Numbers 21, 1)

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