Znaleziono 53 Wyniki dla: increased

  • And the great flood occurred for forty days upon the earth. And the waters were increased, and they lifted the ark high above the land. (Genesis 7, 17)

  • For we will eliminate this place, because the outcry among them has increased before the Lord, who sent us to destroy them.” (Genesis 19, 13)

  • Then the famine increased daily in all the land. And Joseph opened all of the storehouses and sold to the Egyptians. For the famine had oppressed them also. (Genesis 41, 56)

  • And so, Israel lived in Egypt, that is, in the land of Goshen, and he possessed it. And he increased and was multiplied exceedingly. (Genesis 47, 27)

  • the sons of Israel increased, and they multiplied like seedlings. And having been strengthened exceedingly, they filled the land. (Exodus 1, 7)

  • Therefore, God acted favorably toward the midwives. And the people increased, and they were strengthened exceedingly. (Exodus 1, 20)

  • And Pharaoh said: “The people of the land are many. You see that the turmoil has increased: how much more if you give them rest from the works?” (Exodus 5, 5)

  • And the sound of the trumpet gradually increased to be louder, and extended to be longer. Moses was speaking, and God was answering him. (Exodus 19, 19)

  • And on the seventh day he shall examine him, and if the leprosy certainly has not increased further, and has not spread itself in the skin, he shall seclude him again, for another seven days. (Leviticus 13, 5)

  • And on the seventh day, he shall evaluate him. If the leprosy has become obscured, and has not increased in the skin, he shall declare him clean, because it is a scab. And the man shall wash his clothes, and he shall be clean. (Leviticus 13, 6)

  • And if it will have certainly increased, he shall judge him to have leprosy. (Leviticus 13, 22)

  • and on the seventh day he shall evaluate him. If the leprosy will have increased further in the skin, he shall declare him contaminated. (Leviticus 13, 27)

“No juízo final daremos contas a Deus até de uma palavra inútil que tenhamos dito.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina