Znaleziono 891 Wyniki dla: Jerusalem

  • Barzillai replied to the king, 'How many years have I left to live, for me to go up to Jerusalem with the king? (2 Samuel 19, 35)

  • At this all the men of Israel deserted David and followed Sheba son of Bichri. But the men of Judah stuck close to their king, from the Jordan all the way to Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 20, 2)

  • David returned to his palace in Jerusalem. The king took the ten concubines, whom he had left to look after the palace, and put them under guard. He provided for their upkeep but never went near them again; they were shut away until the day they died, widows, as it were, of a living man. (2 Samuel 20, 3)

  • Joab, the Cherethites, the Pelethites and all the champions took the field under Abishai, setting off from Jerusalem in pursuit of Sheba son of Bichri. (2 Samuel 20, 7)

  • The woman went and spoke to all the people as her wisdom dictated. They cut off the head of Sheba son of Bichri and threw it down to Joab. He had the trumpet sounded and they withdrew from the town and all went home, while Joab himself went back to the king in Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 20, 22)

  • Having travelled throughout the country, after nine months and twenty days they returned to Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 24, 8)

  • But when the angel stretched his hand towards Jerusalem to destroy it, Yahweh felt sorry about the calamity and said to the angel who was destroying the people, 'Enough now! Hold your hand!' The angel of Yahweh was standing by the threshing-floor of Araunah the Jebusite. (2 Samuel 24, 16)

  • David was king of Israel for a period of forty years: he reigned at Hebron for seven years, and in Jerusalem for thirty-three. (1 Kings 2, 11)

  • The king had Shimei summoned to him. 'Build yourself a house in Jerusalem,' he told him. 'You are to live there; do not leave it to go anywhere at all. (1 Kings 2, 36)

  • 'That is a fair demand,' Shimei replied to the king, 'your servant will do as my lord the king orders.' And for a long time Shimei lived in Jerusalem. (1 Kings 2, 38)

  • Solomon was informed that Shimei had left Jerusalem for Gath and come back again. (1 Kings 2, 41)

  • Solomon became the son-in-law of Pharaoh king of Egypt; he married Pharaoh's daughter, and took her to the City of David until he could complete the building of his palace, the Temple of Yahweh and the ramparts of Jerusalem. (1 Kings 3, 1)

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