Znaleziono 22 Wyniki dla: Lachish

  • So Adonizedek, king of Jerusalem, sent for Hoham, king of Hebron, Piram, king of Jarmuth, Japhia, king of Lachish, and Debir, king of Eglon, (Joshua 10, 3)

  • The five Amorite kings, of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon, united all their forces and marched against Gibeon, where they took up siege positions. (Joshua 10, 5)

  • Obediently, they brought out to him from the cave the five kings, of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon. (Joshua 10, 23)

  • Joshua next passed on with all Israel from Libnah to Lachish, where they set up a camp during the attack. (Joshua 10, 31)

  • The LORD delivered Lachish into the power of Israel, so that on the second day Joshua captured it and put it to the sword with every person in it, just as he had done to Libnah. (Joshua 10, 32)

  • At that time Horam, king of Gezer, came up to help Lachish, but Joshua defeated him and his people, leaving him no survivors. (Joshua 10, 33)

  • From Lachish, Joshua passed on with all Israel to Eglon; encamping near it, they attacked it (Joshua 10, 34)

  • and captured it the same day, putting it to the sword. He fulfilled the doom that day on every person in it, just as he had done at Lachish. (Joshua 10, 35)

  • Jarmuth, Lachish, (Joshua 12, 11)

  • Lachish, Bozkath, Eglon, (Joshua 15, 39)

  • When a conspiracy was formed against him in Jerusalem, he fled to Lachish. But he was pursued to Lachish and killed there. (2 Kings 14, 19)

  • Hezekiah, king of Judah, sent this message to the king of Assyria at Lachish: "I have done wrong. Leave me, and I will pay whatever tribute you impose on me." The king of Assyria exacted three hundred talents of silver and thirty talents of gold from Hezekiah, king of Judah. (2 Kings 18, 14)

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