Znaleziono 51 Wyniki dla: root

  • Let there be, then, no man or woman, no clan or tribe among you, who would now turn away their hearts from the LORD, our God, to go and serve these pagan gods! Let there be no root that would bear such poison and wormwood among you. (Deuteronomy 29, 17)

  • The remaining survivors of the house of Judah shall again strike root below and bear fruit above. (2 Kings 19, 30)

  • Even though its root grow old in the earth, and its stump die in the dust, (Job 14, 8)

  • But you who say, "How shall we persecute him, seeing that the root of the matter is found in him?" (Job 19, 28)

  • My root is spread out to the waters; the dew rests by night on my branches. (Job 29, 19)

  • You cleared the ground; it took root and filled the land. (Psalms 80, 10)

  • No man is built up by wickedness, but the root of the just will never be disturbed. (Proverbs 12, 3)

  • The stronghold of evil men will be demolished, but the root of the just is enduring. (Proverbs 12, 12)

  • For the fruit of noble struggles is a glorious one; and unfailing is the root of understanding. (Wisdom of Solomon 3, 15)

  • But the numerous progeny of the wicked shall be of no avail; their spurious offshoots shall not strike deep root nor take firm hold. (Wisdom of Solomon 4, 3)

  • For to know you well is complete justice, and to know your might is the root of immortality. (Wisdom of Solomon 15, 3)

  • To whom has wisdom's root been revealed? Who knows her subtleties? (Ecclesiasticus 1, 5)

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