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  • He also made the washtub of brass, with its base made from the mirrors of the women who kept watch at the door of the tabernacle. (Exodus 38, 8)

  • twenty columns of brass with their bases. The heads of the columns and all of the engraving work were of silver. (Exodus 38, 10)

  • Yet truly, on that side which looks out toward the west, there were hangings of fifty cubits, and ten columns with their bases of brass. And the heads of the columns and all of the engraving work were of silver. (Exodus 38, 12)

  • The bases of the columns were of brass, but their heads with all of their engravings were of silver. Now he also overlaid the columns of the atrium themselves with silver. (Exodus 38, 17)

  • Now the columns at the entrance were four, with bases of brass, and their heads and engravings were of silver. (Exodus 38, 19)

  • Likewise, the tent pegs of the tabernacle and the atrium all around he made of brass. (Exodus 38, 20)

  • Likewise, of brass, there was offered seventy-two thousand talents, and four hundred more shekels, (Exodus 38, 29)

  • from which were cast the bases at the entrance of the tabernacle of the testimony, and the altar of brass with its grating, and the vessels which pertain to its use, (Exodus 38, 30)

  • the altar of brass, the grating, the bars, and all of its vessels, the washtub with its base, the hangings of the atrium, and the columns with their bases, (Exodus 39, 39)

  • Then the earthen vessel, in which it was soaked, shall be broken. But if the vessel will be of brass, it shall be scoured and washed with water. (Leviticus 6, 28)

  • And I will crush the pride in your hardness, and I will give to you heaven above like iron, and the earth below like brass. (Leviticus 26, 19)

  • Gold, and silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin, (Numbers 31, 22)

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