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  • So Joseph went and told Pharaoh, 'My father and brothers have arrived from Canaan with their flocks and cattle and all their possessions. Here they are, in the region of Goshen.' (Genesis 47, 1)

  • He had taken five of his brothers, and he now presented them to Pharaoh. (Genesis 47, 2)

  • Pharaoh asked his brothers, 'What is your occupation?' and they gave Pharaoh the answer, 'Your servants are shepherds, like our fathers before us.' (Genesis 47, 3)

  • Then Pharaoh said to Joseph,'They may stay in the region of Goshen, and if you know of any capable men among them, put them in charge of my own livestock.' Jacob and his sons went to Egypt where Joseph was. Pharaoh king of Egypt heard about this and said to Joseph, 'Your father and brothers have come to you. The country of Egypt is open to you: settle your father and brothers in the best region.' (Genesis 47, 5)

  • The country of Egypt is open to you: settle your father and brothers in the best region.' (Genesis 47, 6)

  • Joseph then settled his father and brothers, giving them land holdings in Egypt, in the best part of the country, the region of Rameses, as Pharaoh had ordered. (Genesis 47, 11)

  • Joseph provided his father, brothers and all his father's family with food, down to the least of them. (Genesis 47, 12)

  • But with regard to the children you have had since them, they shall be yours, and they shall be known by their brothers' names for the purpose of their inheritance. (Genesis 48, 6)

  • As for me, I give you a Shechem more than your brothers, the one I took from the Amorites with my sword and bow.' (Genesis 48, 22)

  • Simeon and Levi are brothers in carrying out their malicious plans. (Genesis 49, 5)

  • Judah, your brothers will praise you: you grip your enemies by the neck, your father's sons will do you homage. (Genesis 49, 8)

  • blessings of the grain and flowers, blessings of the eternal mountains, bounty of the everlasting hills -- may they descend on Joseph's head, on the crown of the one dedicated from among his brothers! (Genesis 49, 26)

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