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  • Then I signed and sealed the deed, had it witnessed and the silver weighed on the scales. (Jeremiah 32, 10)

  • And yet you told me, O Lord Yahweh, to buy a field with silver and have the purchase witnessed in the very days the city is falling to the Chaldeans!" (Jeremiah 32, 25)

  • Fields will be bought for silver, and deeds written and sealed and witnessed in the territory of Benjamin and the region around Jerusalem, in the towns of Judah, in the towns of the hill country, in the towns of Shephelah and those of the south. Yes, I will bring back their captives" - word of Yahweh. (Jeremiah 32, 44)

  • The commander of the bodyguard took the basins, censers, sprinkling bowls, pots, lampstands, ladles and bowls - all that was made of gold or silver. (Jeremiah 52, 19)

  • This same Baruch had undertaken to carry back to Judea, on the tenth day of the month of Sivan, the sacred vessels which had been taken away from the Temple of the Lord. These were the silver vessels made by Zedekiah, son of Josiah, king of Judah, (Baruch 1, 8)

  • who played with the birds of the heavens, who piled up silver and gold - in which men put their trust - and who never tired of collecting it? (Baruch 3, 17)

  • In Babylon you will see gods of silver, gold and wood, carried on men's shoulders and filling the people with fear. (Baruch 6, 3)

  • Their tongues have been polished by a craftsman and even if they are of gold and silver, they are false and are unable to speak. (Baruch 6, 7)

  • Yet at times the priests steal the gold and silver from their gods for their own use and for the prostitutes in their temples. (Baruch 6, 9)

  • They give clothes to these gods as if they were men, but they are only things of gold, silver and wood, which cannot defend themselves from rust or woodworm. (Baruch 6, 10)

  • How can they be called gods? Women carry offerings to things made of silver, wood and gold. (Baruch 6, 29)

  • These pieces of wood plated with gold and silver are no more worthy than rocks hewn out of a mountain and their worshipers shall be humiliated. (Baruch 6, 38)

“Dirás tu o mais belo dos credos quando houver noite em redor de ti, na hora do sacrifício, na dor, no supremo esforço duma vontade inquebrantável para o bem. Este credo é como um relâmpago que rasga a escuridão de teu espírito e no seu brilho te eleva a Deus”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina