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  • He had a son called Saul, a handsome man in the prime of life. Of all the Israelites there was no one more handsome than he; he stood head and shoulders taller than anyone else. (1 Samuel 9, 2)

  • Now since the donkeys belonging to Kish, Saul's father, had strayed, Kish said to his son Saul, 'My son, take one of the servants with you and be off; go and look for the donkeys.' (1 Samuel 9, 3)

  • When they reached the territory of Zuph, Saul said to the servant who was with him, 'Come on, let us go back or my father will stop worrying over the donkeys and start being anxious about us.' (1 Samuel 9, 5)

  • Saul said to his servant, 'But if we do go, what can we take to the man? The food in our sacks is finished, and we have no present to offer the man of God. What else have we got?' (1 Samuel 9, 7)

  • The servant spoke up again and said to Saul, 'Look, I happen to have a quarter of a silver shekel; I shall give that to the man of God, for him to tell us which way to go.' (1 Samuel 9, 8)

  • Saul then said to his servant, 'Well said! Come on, let us go.' And they went off to the town where the man of God was. (1 Samuel 9, 10)

  • Now, Yahweh had given Samuel a revelation the day before Saul came, saying, (1 Samuel 9, 15)

  • When Samuel saw Saul, Yahweh told him, 'That is the man of whom I said to you, "He is to govern my people." ' (1 Samuel 9, 17)

  • Saul accosted Samuel in the gateway and said, 'Tell me, please, where the seer's house is.' (1 Samuel 9, 18)

  • Samuel replied to Saul, 'I am the seer. Go up ahead of me to the high place. You must eat with me today. Tomorrow, when I let you go, I shall tell you whatever is on your mind. (1 Samuel 9, 19)

  • To this, Saul replied, 'Am I not a Benjaminite, from the smallest of the tribes of Israel? And is not my family the least of all the families of the tribe of Benjamin? Why are you saying a thing like this to me?' (1 Samuel 9, 21)

  • Samuel then took Saul and his servant and brought them into the hall and gave them a place at the head of the guests, of whom there were about thirty. (1 Samuel 9, 22)

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