1. Continuing in a similar manner, Eliu had this to say:

2. Bear with me for a little while and I will show you; for I have still more to say in favor of God.

3. I will review my knowledge from the beginning, and I will prove my Maker to be just.

4. For truly my words are without any falsehood and perfect knowledge will be proven to you.

5. God does not abandon the powerful, for he himself is also powerful.

6. But he does not save the impious, though he grants judgment to the poor.

7. He will not take his eyes away from the just, and he continually establishes kings on their throne, and they are exalted.

8. And, if they are in captivity, or are bound with the chains of poverty,

9. he will reveal to them their works, as well as their sinfulness, in that they were violent.

10. Likewise, he will open their ears to his correction, and he will speak to them, so that they may return from iniquity.

11. If they listen and obey, they will fill their days with goodness and complete their years in glory.

12. But if they will not listen, they will pass away by the sword and will be consumed by foolishness.

13. The false and the crafty provoke the wrath of God, yet they do not cry out to him when they are chained.

14. Their soul will die in a storm, and their life, among the unmanly.

15. He will rescue the poor from his anguish, and he will open his ear during tribulation.

16. Therefore, he will save you from the narrow mouth very widely, even though it has no foundation under it. Moreover, your respite at table will be full of fatness.

17. Your case has been judged like that of the impious; you will withdraw your plea and your judgment.

18. Therefore, do not let anger overwhelm you so that you oppress another; neither should you allow a multitude of gifts to influence you.

19. Lay down your greatness without distress, and put aside all of your power with courage.

20. Do not prolong the night, even if people rise on their behalf.

21. Be careful that you do not turn to iniquity; for, after your misery, you have begun to follow this.

22. Behold, God is exalted in his strength, and there is no one like him among the law-givers.

23. Who is able to investigate his ways? And who can say, “You have done iniquity,” to him?

24. Remember that you are ignorant of his work, yet men have sung its praises.

25. All men consider him; and each one ponders from a distance.

26. Behold, God is great, defeating our knowledge; the number of his years is inestimable.

27. He carries away the drops of rain, and he sends forth showers like a raging whirlpool;

28. they flow from the clouds that are woven above everything.

29. If he wills it, he extends the clouds as his tent

30. and shines with his light from above; likewise, he covers the oceans within his tent.

31. For he judges the people by these things, and he gives food to a multitude of mortals.

32. Within his hands, he hides the light, and he commands it to come forth again.

33. He announces it to his friend, for it is his possession and he is able to reach out to it.

“Mesmo a menor transgressão às leis de Deus será levada em conta.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina