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  • In truth, he had two daughters: the name of the elder was Leah; and truly the younger was called Rachel. (Genesis 29, 16)

  • But while Leah was bleary-eyed, Rachel had an elegant appearance and was attractive to behold. (Genesis 29, 17)

  • And at night, he brought in his daughter Leah to him, (Genesis 29, 23)

  • giving his daughter a handmaid named Zilpah. After Jacob had gone in to her, according to custom, when morning had arrived, he saw Leah. (Genesis 29, 24)

  • But the Lord, seeing that he despised Leah, opened her womb, but her sister remained barren. (Genesis 29, 31)

  • Leah, perceiving that she had desisted from child-bearing, delivered Zilpah, her handmaid, to her husband. (Genesis 30, 9)

  • And Leah said, “This one is for my happiness. Indeed, women will call me blessed.” Because of this, she called him Asher. (Genesis 30, 13)

  • Then Reuben, going out into the field at the time of the wheat harvest, found mandrakes. These he brought to his mother Leah. And Rachel said, “Give me a portion of your son’s mandrakes.” (Genesis 30, 14)

  • And when Jacob returned from the field in the evening, Leah went out to meet him, and she said, “You will enter to me, because I have hired you for the reward of my son’s mandrakes.” And he slept with her that night. (Genesis 30, 16)

  • Conceiving again, Leah bore a sixth son. (Genesis 30, 19)

  • He sent and called for Rachel and Leah, in the field where he pastured the flocks, (Genesis 31, 4)

  • And Rachel and Leah responded: “Have we anything left behind among the resources and inheritance of our father’s house? (Genesis 31, 14)

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