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  • Then Rebekah took the best clothes of her elder son Esau that she had in the house and put them on Jacob, her younger son. (Genesis 27, 15)

  • and Jacob said to his father, "It is Esau, your firstborn; I have done what you told me to do. Come, sit up and eat my game so that you may give me your blessing." (Genesis 27, 19)

  • Isaac said to Jacob, "Come near and let me feel you, my son, and know that it is you, Esau my son, or not." (Genesis 27, 21)

  • When Jacob drew near to Isaac, his father felt him and said, "The voice is the voice of Jacob but the hands are the hands of Esau." (Genesis 27, 22)

  • He did not recognize him, for his hands were hairy like the hands of Esau his brother and so he blessed him. (Genesis 27, 23)

  • He asked, "Are you really my son Esau?" and Jacob answered, "I am." (Genesis 27, 24)

  • When Isaac had finished blessing him and Jacob had just left Isaac's room, Esau came in from hunting. (Genesis 27, 30)

  • Isaac said, "Who are you?" "I am your son, your firstborn, Esau." (Genesis 27, 32)

  • On hearing his father's words, Esau gave a loud and bitter cry and said, "Bless me, too, father." (Genesis 27, 34)

  • Esau said, "Is it because he is called Jacob that he has supplanted me twice? First he took my birthright and now he has taken my blessing." Then he asked, "Haven't you kept a blessing for me?" (Genesis 27, 36)

  • Isaac answered Esau, "I have made him your lord. I have given him all his brothers as servants; I have provided him with grain and wine. What can I do for you, my son?" (Genesis 27, 37)

  • Esau said to his father, "Have you only one blessing? Father, bless me, too." Then Esau wept aloud. (Genesis 27, 38)

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