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  • When Esau was forty, he married Judith, daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath, the daughter of Elon, the Hittite. (Genesis 26, 34)

  • The news of what had happened came in those days to Judith, daughter of Merari, son of Joseph, of Oziel, of Elkiah, of Ananias, of Gideon, of Raphain, of Ahitub, of Elijah, of Hilkiah, of Eliab, of Nathanael, of Salamiel, of Sarasadai, of Israel. (Judith 8, 1)

  • As a widow, Judith remained in her house for three years and four months. (Judith 8, 4)

  • She heard of the threatening words which the people had addressed to their leaders because they were downcast, suffering from lack of water. Judith also heard all that Uzziah had promised in reply, how he had sworn to hand over their city to the Assyrians at the end of five days. (Judith 8, 9)

  • Judith said to them, "Listen to me, I will do something which will be handed down from generation to generation of the children of our race. (Judith 8, 32)

  • Then, leaving Judith's room, they went back to their posts. (Judith 8, 36)

  • Judith knelt and bowed her head to the ground, put ashes on her head and uncovered the sackcloth with which she was clothed. At precisely the same moment as incense was being offered in the House of God at Jerusalem, Judith invoked aloud the Lord God, she said, (Judith 9, 1)

  • When Judith had finished her prayer to the God of Israel, (Judith 10, 1)

  • They carried out the command and Judith went out with her maidservant. The townsmen watched her until she reached the foot of the mountain and crossed the valley, then they lost sight of her. (Judith 10, 10)

  • Judith and the maid walked straight through the valley and a sentry for the Assyrians came to meet them. (Judith 10, 11)

  • They chose one hundred men from their number; these men accompanied Judith and the maid and led them to the tent of Holofernes. (Judith 10, 17)

  • As Judith came before him and his officers, they all admired the beauty of her face. Throwing herself face downwards to the ground, she bowed before him; the servants of Holofernes raised her up. (Judith 10, 23)

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