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  • And tell Jehoiakim this message of Yahweh: You have burned the scroll and you said: This man dared to write that the king of Babylon will certainly destroy this land and wipe away from it men and animals! (Jeremiah 36, 29)

  • Animals are of more worth, since by taking cover they can look after themselves. (Baruch 6, 67)

  • and I heard the noise of the animals' wings brushing against each other, and the noise of the wheels; it was a great uproar. (Ezekiel 3, 13)

  • "Son of man, when a nation sins against me by being unfaithful, I will stretch out my hand against it, deprive it of bread, and famine will destroy men and animals. (Ezekiel 14, 13)

  • The same would happen if I brought the sword against this land and ordered the sword to go through the land destroying men and animals. (Ezekiel 14, 17)

  • Or if I sent pestilence to the land and poured out my fury against it in bloodshed in order to destroy men and animals, (Ezekiel 14, 19)

  • Now this is what Yahweh says, "Although I have sent my four great punishments, sword, famine, wild beasts and plague against Jerusalem to destroy men and animals, (Ezekiel 14, 21)

  • Yahweh says: I will stretch out my hand against Edom, destroying men and animals. I will make it a ruins from Teman and let them be slain as far as Dedan. (Ezekiel 25, 13)

  • That is why thus says Yahweh: I am bringing the sword against you and I will destroy both men and animals. (Ezekiel 29, 8)

  • The birds of the air nested in its boughs and all the animals brought forth their young under its branches. Numerous nations lived in its shade. (Ezekiel 31, 6)

  • The birds of the air alight on its broken boughs and the animals are found among its fallen branches. (Ezekiel 31, 13)

  • They have scattered for want of a shepherd and became prey of wild animals. (Ezekiel 34, 5)

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