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  • Even the stork in the sky knows her times; the dove, the swallow and the crane know the time to return, but my people do not know the ordinances of Yahweh. (Jeremiah 8, 7)

  • On the mountains there will be weeping and wailing, and on the prairies of the wilderness a dirge, because they have been burnt and deserted, and the sound of flock is heard no more. The birds of the sky and the beasts have all fled and are gone. (Jeremiah 9, 9)

  • "Do not follow the way of the foreign nations and do not fear signs in the sky as they do. The Awesome God of these nations is but nothing. (Jeremiah 10, 2)

  • For I shall send them four kinds of destroyers: the sword to slay, dogs to ravage, birds of the sky and beasts of the earth to devour and destroy. (Jeremiah 15, 3)

  • Just as the stars in the sky or the sand on the seashore cannot be counted, to the same extent shall I multiply the descendants of David and the Levites who minister before me." (Jeremiah 33, 22)

  • He made the earth by his power, founded the world by his wisdom, spread out the sky by his discernment. (Jeremiah 51, 15)

  • Though Babylon mount skyward, though she fortify her heights, the mere threat of the destroyers I send is enough to make her terrified. (Jeremiah 51, 53)

  • Swifter were our pursuers, than the eagles in the sky. Over the hills they chased us, they waylaid us in the wilderness. (Lamentations 4, 19)

  • No one under the sky has ever seen the like of what happened in Jerusalem, according to what is written in the book of Moses. (Baruch 2, 2)

  • They are unable to discern what is just or to rescue a person who has been wronged. They are as helpless as crows between the sky and the ground. (Baruch 6, 53)

  • Because of you I will darken all the lights in the sky and cover the earth in darkness, word of Yahweh. (Ezekiel 32, 8)

  • He has built heaven, his upper room, and established the dome of the sky over the earth. He summons the waters of the sea and pours them upon the face of the earth: Yahweh is his name. (Amos 9, 6)

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