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  • And Absalom dwelt two years in Jerusalem, and saw not the king's face. (2 Samuel 14, 28)

  • For thy servant made avow, when he was in Gessur of Syria, saying: If the Lord shall bring me again into Jerusalem I will offer sacrifice to the Lord. (2 Samuel 15, 8)

  • Now there went with Absalom two hundred men out of Jerusalem that were called, going with simplicity of heart, and knowing nothing of the design. (2 Samuel 15, 11)

  • And David said to his servants, that were with him in Jerusalem: Arise and let us flee: for we shall not escape else from the face of Absalom: make haste to go out, lest he come and overtake us, and bring ruin upon us, and smite the city with the edge of the sword. (2 Samuel 15, 14)

  • So Sadoc and Abiathar carried back the ark of God into Jerusalem: and they tarried there. (2 Samuel 15, 29)

  • Then Chusai the friend of David went into the city, and Absalom came into Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 15, 37)

  • And the king said: Where is thy master's son? And Siba answered the king: He remained in Jerusalem, saying: To day will the house of Israel restore me the kingdom of my father. (2 Samuel 16, 3)

  • But Absalom and all his people came into Jerusalem, and Achitophel was with him. (2 Samuel 16, 15)

  • And when Absalom's servants were come into the house, they said to the woman: Where is Achimaas and Jonathan? and the woman answered them: They passed on in haste, after they had tasted a little water. But they that sought them, when they found them not, returned into Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 17, 20)

  • Said to him: Impute not to me, my lord, the iniquity, nor remember the injuries of thy servant on the day that thou, my lord, the king, wentest out of Jerusalem, nor lay it up in thy heart, O king. (2 Samuel 19, 19)

  • And when he met the king at Jerusalem, the king said to him: Why camest thou not with me, Miphiboseth? (2 Samuel 19, 25)

  • And the king said to Berzellai: Come with me that thou mayest rest secure with me in Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 19, 33)

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