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  • For this fleet Hiram sent men of his, experienced sailors, to serve with those in Solomon's service. (1 Kings 9, 27)

  • Huram sent him ships through his agents, as well as experienced sailors, who went to Ophir with men in Solomon's service, where they took on four hundred and fifty talents of gold, which they brought back to King Solomon. (2 Chronicles 8, 18)

  • The people of Sidon and Arvad were your oarsmen. The sages of Tyre were aboard, serving as sailors. (Ezekiel 27, 8)

  • Your riches, your goods, your cargo, your seamen, your sailors, your caulkers, your commercial agents, all the warriors you carry, and all the passengers who are aboard will founder far out to sea on the day of your shipwreck. (Ezekiel 27, 27)

  • When they hear the cries of your sailors the coasts will tremble. (Ezekiel 27, 28)

  • Then the oarsmen will all desert their ships. The sailors and seafaring people will stay ashore. (Ezekiel 27, 29)

  • The sailors took fright, and each of them called on his own god, and to lighten the ship they threw the cargo overboard. Jonah, however, had gone below, had lain down in the hold and was fast asleep, (Jonah 1, 5)

  • The sailors were seized with terror at this and said, 'Why ever did you do this?' since they knew that he was trying to escape from Yahweh, because he had told them so. (Jonah 1, 10)

  • The sailors rowed hard in an effort to reach the shore, but in vain, since the sea was growing rougher and rougher. (Jonah 1, 13)

  • your huge riches are all destroyed within a single hour.' All the captains and seafaring men, sailors and all those who make a living from the sea kept a safe distance, (Revelation 18, 17)

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