1. The Proverbs of Solomon: A wise son makes his father glad, but a foolish son is a grief to his mother.

2. Ill-gotten treasures profit nothing, but virtue saves from death.

3. The LORD permits not the just to hunger, but the craving of the wicked he thwarts.

4. The slack hand impoverishes, but the hand of the diligent enriches.

5. A son who fills the granaries in summer is a credit; a son who slumbers during harvest, a disgrace.

6. Blessings are for the head of the just, but a rod for the back of the fool.

7. The memory of the just will be blessed, but the name of the wicked will rot.

8. A wise man heeds commands, but a prating fool will be overthrown.

9. He who walks honestly walks securely, but he whose ways are crooked will fare badly.

10. He who winks at a fault causes trouble, but he who frankly reproves promotes peace.

11. A fountain of life is the mouth of the just, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.

12. Hatred stirs up disputes, but love covers all offenses.

13. On the lips of the intelligent is found wisdom, (but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence).

14. Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool is imminent ruin.

15. The rich man's wealth is his strong city; the ruination of the lowly is their poverty.

16. The just man's recompense leads to life, the gains of the wicked, to sin.

17. A path to life is his who heeds admonition, but he who disregards reproof goes astray.

18. It is the lips of the liar that conceal hostility; but he who spreads accusations is a fool.

19. Where words are many, sin is not wanting; but he who restrains his lips does well.

20. Like choice silver is the just man's tongue; the heart of the wicked is of little worth.

21. The just man's lips nourish many, but fools die for want of sense.

22. It is the LORD'S blessing that brings wealth, and no effort can substitute for it.

23. Crime is the entertainment of the fool; so is wisdom for the man of sense.

24. What the wicked man fears will befall him, but the desire of the just will be granted.

25. When the tempest passes, the wicked man is no more; but the just man is established forever.

26. As vinegar to the teeth, and smoke to the eyes, is the sluggard to those who use him as a messenger.

27. The fear of the LORD prolongs life, but the years of the wicked are brief.

28. The hope of the just brings them joy, but the expectation of the wicked comes to nought.

29. The LORD is a stronghold to him who walks honestly, but to evildoers, their downfall.

30. The just man will never be disturbed, but the wicked will not abide in the land.

31. The mouth of the just yields wisdom, but the perverse tongue will be cut off.

32. The lips of the just know how to please, but the mouth of the wicked, how to pervert.

“Seja grato e beije docemente a mão de Deus. É sempre a mão de um pai que pune porque lhe quer bem” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina