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  • For seven days, there shall not be found leaven in your houses. Whoever will eat leaven, his soul will perish from the assembly of Israel, as much with the newcomers as with the natives of the land. (Exodus 12, 19)

  • The enemy said: ‘I will pursue and overtake them. I will divide the spoils. My soul will be filled. I will unsheathe my sword. My hand will put them to death.’ (Exodus 15, 9)

  • Keep my Sabbath, for it is holy to you. Whoever will have polluted it, shall die a death. Whoever will have done any work in it, his soul shall perish from the midst of his people. (Exodus 31, 14)

  • Separate from among you the first-fruits to the Lord. Let all who are willing and have a ready soul offer these to the Lord: gold, and silver, and brass, (Exodus 35, 5)

  • When a soul will offer an oblation of sacrifice to the Lord, his oblation shall be of fine wheat flour, and he shall pour oil over it, and he shall set down frankincense, (Leviticus 2, 1)

  • Say to the sons of Israel: The soul which will have sinned through ignorance, and concerning any of the commandments of the Lord that he instructed not to be done, if anything at all has been done: (Leviticus 4, 2)

  • But if a soul from the people of the land will have sinned through ignorance, so as to have done any of those things that the law of the Lord prohibits, and so commit a transgression, (Leviticus 4, 27)

  • If a soul will have sinned, and heard the voice of one testifying under oath, and he is a witness because either he has seen it himself, or he is aware of it: if he does not reveal it, he shall carry his iniquity. (Leviticus 5, 1)

  • The soul that will have touched anything unclean, either that which has been killed by a beast, or that which has died on its own, or any other creeping thing, and will have forgotten its uncleanness, he is guilty and has committed a transgression. (Leviticus 5, 2)

  • The soul who swears and offers from his own lips that he would do either evil or good, and who will have bound the same with an oath and with his own words, and, having forgotten it, afterwards understands his transgression, (Leviticus 5, 4)

  • If a soul, by mistake, shall have transgressed the ceremonies in those things that are sanctified to the Lord, he shall offer for his offense an immaculate ram from the flocks, such as can be bought for two shekels, according to the weight of the Sanctuary. (Leviticus 5, 15)

  • If a soul will have sinned through ignorance, and will have done one of those things which the law of the Lord prohibits, and, being guilty of sin, understands his iniquity, (Leviticus 5, 17)

“Você deve ter sempre prudência e amor. A prudência tem olhos; o amor tem pernas. O amor, como tem pernas, gostaria de correr a Deus. Mas seu impulso de deslanchar na direção dEle é cego e, algumas vezes, pode tropeçar se não for guiado pela prudência, que tem olhos.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina