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  • God of our fathers and Lord of mercy, whose word has created everything and (Wisdom of Solomon 9, 1)

  • Wisdom protected the father of the world, the first man to be formed, who was created alone. (Wisdom of Solomon 10, 1)

  • In fact, your almighty power that created the world from formless matter did not lack means to unleash upon them bears and savage lions, (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 17)

  • or monsters freshly created, unknown and full of fury, breathing fire or noisily spitting smoke or flashing fearful sparks from their eyes, (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 18)

  • They pondered over the created things that surrounded them and were captivated by the sight of such beauty. (Wisdom of Solomon 13, 7)

  • Wisdom was created before all things and the prudent intellect before the beginning of time. (Ecclesiasticus 1, 4)

  • The Lord himself created Wisdom. He looked on her and knew her value. He poured her out over all his works; (Ecclesiasticus 1, 9)

  • Pride was not created for man nor violent anger, for those born of woman. (Ecclesiasticus 10, 18)

  • When he created man in the beginning, he left him free to make his own decisions. (Ecclesiasticus 15, 14)

  • God created his works from the beginning and, as he made them, he assigned to each its place. (Ecclesiasticus 16, 26)

  • The Lord created man from the earth and let him return to earth. (Ecclesiasticus 17, 1)

  • He who lives forever created all without exception. (Ecclesiasticus 18, 1)

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