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  • All things were present to him before they were created and so will they be after their end. (Ecclesiasticus 23, 20)

  • Then the creator of the universe commanded me, he who created me assigned the place of my rest, "Pitch your tent in Jacob; Israel will be your homeland." (Ecclesiasticus 24, 8)

  • He created me from the beginning, before time began, and I will never cease to be, (Ecclesiasticus 24, 9)

  • The Lord created the medicinal herbs which grow on the earth, and these a sensible person will not despise. (Ecclesiasticus 38, 4)

  • No one must say: "What is that? Why is it so?" for everything is created for a purpose. (Ecclesiasticus 39, 21)

  • From the beginning, good things have been created for the good and likewise evil things for the wicked. (Ecclesiasticus 39, 25)

  • Certain winds are created as a means of punishment and in their fury they are a scourge, unleashing their violence in the time of destruction and satisfying the wrath of their Creator. (Ecclesiasticus 39, 28)

  • Fire, hail, famine and death have all been created for punishment. (Ecclesiasticus 39, 29)

  • All these were created for the wicked, and the flood as well was sent on their account. (Ecclesiasticus 40, 10)

  • Many mysteries greater than these still remain, for we have only seen a fraction of his works. The Lord has created all things and to upright men he has given wisdom. (Ecclesiasticus 43, 32)

  • No one on earth was created to equal Enoch for he was taken up from the earth. (Ecclesiasticus 49, 14)

  • Lift up your eyes and see: who has created all this? He has ordered them as a starry host and called them each by name. So mighty is his power, so great his strength, that not one of them is missing. (Isaiah 40, 26)

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