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  • A younger generation is there on the earth and enjoys the light, but they have not known the ways of knowledge; they have not seen his tracks nor have they met him, (Baruch 3, 20)

  • The sons of Agar, who seek knowledge of the earth, the traders of Madian and Teman, the tellers of fables and philosophers, they have not known the path of Wisdom, they have not discovered her ways. (Baruch 3, 23)

  • and they perished because of their folly, because they lacked knowledge. (Baruch 3, 28)

  • He changes times and seasons; he sets up and deposes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. (Daniel 2, 21)

  • Those who acquired knowledge will shine like the brilliance of the firmament; those who taught people to be just will shine like the stars for all eternity. (Daniel 12, 3)

  • Hear the word of Yahweh, Israel! for Yahweh has an accusation to bring against the inhabitants of this land. There is neither truth nor goodness nor knowledge of God in the country; (Hosea 4, 1)

  • My people perish for want of knowledge. As you have dropped the Knowledge, I will drop you from my priesthood, and since you ignore the law of your God, I, too, will ignore your children. (Hosea 4, 6)

  • For it is love that I desire, not sacrifice; it is knowledge of God, not burnt offerings. (Hosea 6, 6)

  • The lips of the priest speak of knowledge, and the Law must be found in his mouth, since he is the messenger of Yahweh of hosts. (Malachi 2, 7)

  • A curse is on you, teachers of the Law, for you have taken the key of knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you prevented others from entering." (Luke 11, 52)

  • You Samaritans worship without knowledge, while we Jews worship with knowledge, for salvation comes from the Jews. (John 4, 22)

  • Only these cursed people, who have no knowledge of the Law!" (John 7, 49)

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