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  • He gave them revealed knowledge as well and handed over to them the Law of life. (Ecclesiasticus 17, 11)

  • Knowledge of evil is not wisdom, and prudence is not found in the advice of sinners. (Ecclesiasticus 19, 22)

  • The wise man's knowledge spreads out like a flood and his advice is like a spring. (Ecclesiasticus 21, 13)

  • The fool's wisdom is like a house in ruins, the knowledge of the fool amounts to nonsense. (Ecclesiasticus 21, 18)

  • The truly wise man teaches his people, and they benefit by his knowledge. (Ecclesiasticus 37, 23)

  • It is he who gives knowledge to men so that his power be glorified; (Ecclesiasticus 38, 6)

  • He will acquire just judgment and knowledge and reflect on the Lord's hidden mysteries. (Ecclesiasticus 39, 7)

  • Not even to his holy ones has the Lord given full knowledge of all his marvelous works. The Lord, Master of the universe, has ordained that all should stand firm in his glory. (Ecclesiasticus 42, 17)

  • He penetrates both the depth of the abyss and the human heart and knows their secrets. For the Most High has full knowledge and ordains the signs of the heavens. (Ecclesiasticus 42, 18)

  • They led the people with their warnings or with their knowledge of the popular writings. (Ecclesiasticus 44, 4)

  • God let him hear his voice and led him into darkness, where face to face he gave him the commandments, the law of life and knowledge, to teach Jacob the covenant and make his decrees known to Israel. (Ecclesiasticus 45, 5)

  • Instruction in understanding and knowledge, that is what Jesus the son of Sira, the son of Eleazar of Jerusalem, has written in this book as he poured out the wisdom of his heart. (Ecclesiasticus 50, 27)

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