Znaleziono 260 Wyniki dla: impious

  • Just as the impious do, he has struck them in a place where they can be seen. (Job 34, 26)

  • But he does not save the impious, though he grants judgment to the poor. (Job 36, 6)

  • Your case has been judged like that of the impious; you will withdraw your plea and your judgment. (Job 36, 17)

  • And did you hold the extremities of the earth, shaking them, and have you shaken the impious out of it? (Job 38, 13)

  • From the impious, the light will be taken away, and the exalted arm will be broken. (Job 38, 15)

  • Look down upon each of the arrogant and confound them, and crush the impious in their place. (Job 40, 7)

  • Blessed is the man who has not followed the counsel of the impious, and has not remained in the way of sinners, and has not sat in the chair of pestilence. (Psalms 1, 1)

  • Not so the impious, not so. For they are like the dust that the wind casts along the face of the earth. (Psalms 1, 4)

  • Therefore, the impious will not prevail again in judgment, nor sinners in the council of the just. (Psalms 1, 5)

  • For the Lord knows the way of the just. And the path of the impious will pass away. (Psalms 1, 6)

  • You have rebuked the Gentiles, and the impious one has perished. You have deleted their name in eternity and for all generations. (Psalms 9, 6)

  • While the impious is arrogant, the poor is enflamed. They are held by the counsels that they devise. (Psalms 9, 23)

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