1. But the Lord, answering Job out of the whirlwind, said:

2. Gird your waist like a man. I will question you, and you must answer me.

3. Will you make my judgment null and void; and will you condemn me so that you may be justified?

4. And do you have an arm like God, or a voice like thunder?

5. Envelop yourself with splendor, and raise yourself up on high, and be glorious, and put on splendid garments.

6. Scatter the arrogant with your wrath, and, when you see all the arrogant, humble them.

7. Look down upon each of the arrogant and confound them, and crush the impious in their place.

8. Hide them in the dust together and plunge their faces into the pit.

9. Then I will confess that your right hand is able to save you.

10. Behold, the behemoth, whom I created along with you, eats hay like an ox.

11. His strength is in his lower back, and his power is in the center of his abdomen.

12. He draws up his tail like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs have been drawn together.

13. His bones are like pipes of brass; his cartilage is like plates of iron.

14. He is the beginning of the ways of God, who made him; he will use him as his sword.

15. The mountains bring forth grass for him; all the beasts of the field will play there.

16. He sleeps in the shadows, under the cover of branches, and in moist places.

17. The shadows cover his shadow; the willows of the brook will encircle him.

18. Behold, he will drink a river and not be amazed, and he has confidence that the Jordan could flow into his mouth.

19. He will seize him through his eyes, as if with a hook, and he will bore through his nostrils, as if with stakes.

20. Can you draw out the leviathan with a hook, and can you bind his tongue with a cord?

21. Can you place a ring in his nose, or bore through his jaw with an arm band?

22. Will he offer many prayers to you, or speak to you quietly?

23. Will he form a covenant with you, and will you accept him as a servant forever?

24. Will you play with him as with a bird, or tether him for your handmaids?

25. Will your friends cut him into pieces, will dealers distribute him?

26. Will you fill up bags with his hide, and let his head be used as a home for fishes?

27. Place your hand upon him; remember the battle and speak no more.

28. Behold, his hope will fail him, and in the sight of all, he will be thrown down.

“Uma Missa bem assistida em vida será mais útil à sua salvação do que tantas outras que mandarem celebrar por você após sua morte!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina